An epic collaboration between bignic and tiasu, this remix album is crammed full of tasty synth licks and big fat beats. Strap on your air guitar and get ready to bust out some sick jams.

Make sure you grab all of bignic’s music over at his bandcamp – especially his newest album “A Curious Case of the Fucking Mondays” and his amazing album “Zombies” on which you can find most of the tracks I remixed ->

His bandcamp also features this same album – but features his own version of Trainwreck (track 7), which is a free download, so make sure you download it to add to your collection!

Massive thank yous to bignic for the amazing music to remix and the amazing remixes of my music (and for generally putting up with me over the last couple of months)
And to Dave for the amazing art again (and for listening to every iteration of each track as they took form)